Welcome to Back Again Cait.

I’m your host, Cait (obviously). As with many blogs, the gist here is to recommend views to see, places to eat, sites to visit, and random stuff to help you out along your travels.

Why read this travel blog in particular? I’ve traveled to over 23 countries on budgets ranging from $150-$1,000/month, I’ve also developed a major love for culture in all forms….especially through intentional communities and direct action.

Here’s the thing. I believe that individual initiatives have the ability to change the world. If you want more green, get more eco-conscious. If you want a new economic system, check out alternatives to capitalist living arrangements. If you want to de-stigmatize mental health, sex, poverty, and a slew of other things….well, we have to start talking about that more openly, with honesty and vulnerability.

In the spirit of knowledge-sharing, we’ll talk about:

  • Cultural awareness – like, should you tip in Prague? (Yes.)
  • Traveling for reasonable prices, dirt cheap, or free
  • Not subscribing to the patriarchal, industrialist, capitalist system of oppression
  • Rad products, websites, and agency reviews
  • Efforts toward ethical travel and a sustainable existence
  • Traveling with a purpose – volunteering, visiting alternative lifestyles, and activism

If there’s anything you want to hear about, discuss, or debate, you’re welcome to message me through the contact page.

Besides, I’m tired of seeing endless blogs about how wonderful it is to be traveling + bikinis + sunshine + rainbows and puppies. Travel is a privilege and travel can be tough. Sometimes you end up in a country whose government is pretty horrific. Often you’ll end up reflecting on the small and large injustices that exist all around you.

Let’s talk about travel, because everyone loves a good vacation. Let’s also talk about other shit, because we know life has more meaning than just fantastic photo-ops.

Thanks for being here!

Disclosure Statement

Frankly, I’m pretty anti-capitalist. So I’m hoping you’ll believe me when I tell you am not trying to make a living from blogging or sell you nonsense you don’t need. If I find companies that are eco-friendly, sustainable, unionized, paying fair-wages, socially-conscious, POC or woman owned, and/or otherwise human-centered…you get the idea…these businesses and products are worth talking about. 

Still, I gotta pay for this hobby somehow! So, in the interest of funding, I’m trying out a few things:

  • Referral Links – they’ll show up woven into articles on relevant topics and I’ve placed a few in the sidebar. The nice thing about referral links is 1) You were probably gonna use that service/product anyways and 2) We both get some kind of perk. Love them, use them, get your own and share them.
  • Sponsorship – Occasionally, I might have the chance to travel or stay for free in exchange for publicity. In such articles, I will explicitly tell you that this is the case.
  • Direct Marketing – when I find a company/product fitting the ^^above description, I will be offering them advertising or review space on this site.
  • Affiliate Links – these link go directly to products that I actually like, so any of those are basically a stamp of approval. Know a company or product that deserves to be linked? Contact me!

If you’re wondering, the domain name from Dynadot (oop, referral link!) costs roughly $9/year and hosting from the amazing NodeHost is $15/year….tho I did get my first year pretty much free by signing up via Simbi.com. Other than those costs, it’s just my valuable time, love, and attention. Don’t you feel special?!