Best of All the Things – Cait’s Recommendations

Check out this page for all the best recommendations for websites, resources, products, and everything else I could ever think to recommend.

Other Travel Sites

Squat the Planet  – great forum site for hitchhikers, train riders, van dwellers, and anyone looking for alternative means of travel. Many punks are notoriously class-ist and aggressive, so learn what you can and take their yuppie name-calling with a grain of salt. Also has a ride board for US travelers.

Leave Your Daily Hell – Dude has a lot of experience traveling. Plus, he’ll put together a personalized travel itinerary to fit your vacation time! Dope.

Her Packing List – I hope you’ve found this by now! Packing suggestions, products, and great posts like this one about packing for travel with a wheelchair.

Nightborn Travel – Check out this blogger who has a focus on ecotourism science and seeks to empower travelers to turn tourism into a force for good. They do this, for example, by teaching about identifying ecotourism certification

Travel Cards

Chase MileagePlus – this is my go-to card for daily purchases and mile earning. I could probably travel hack this more, yet it’s a good card for the perks: skipping lines, free baggage. Decent customer service, too.

Hustle Sites

Simbi – Using “simbi” coins to trade services, such as tech assistance and artistic endeavors. Read the review here.

Fiverr – Genuinely great place to buy $5 worth of someone’s skills–like having Kermit the Frog sing “Happy Birthday” to your friend! You can view my gigs here.


Ride Free Fearless Money – This lady is the QUEEN of punk finances. Hate capitalism? Always hustling? This blog will guide you through the crazy world of finances and savings in a down-to-earth, no-nonsense, realistic way.

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Betterment – Roboadvisor for investing in stocks. Cool because a) it’s recommended by people who know things about money and life b) they offer a Socially Responsible Investing portfolio

Travel Products

Thinx Period Panties – Yup. You know I love them, I said so in the review. Worth saving towards!

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