Communal Living Benefits for Any Age

Communal Living Benefits for Any Age

Ever considered living in a house with a bunch of your friends? How about joining a commune or eco-village? I’m a big fan of community, so here’s my list of the benefits.

Are There Benefits to Communal Living??

Perhaps it’s the ability to rant with a frustrated air of exasperation (usually tinged with baggy eyelids and a glint that suggests one more commitment will send me over the brink of insanity) or maybe it’s the rainbow-ed array of near-disastrous stories as we struggle with the daily small conflicts of communal living.

Regardless, my decision to live in community has often been questioned. Naturally, I have questioned it, too. Especially when the daily grind of working with others starts to wear! So, I have generated a list of the benefits for communal living to help everyone remember why life is just better when we’re in it together!

Instant Socialization

Not interested in texting a million people to find out that everyone is staying in tonight? Don’t want to go through the efforts of making new friends at the local watering hole? Join a community. Boom. People for chilling! Close relationships! These folks see you at your ate-the-questionable-chicken-shits worst, as well as the suddenly-loving-towards-all best. There’s no hiding behind some flimflam Facebook perfect image in communal living, so it’s either love it or move out.

Financial Burden Sharing: Less Stuff

Seriously, there is no need for the production of so many appliances, tools, and furniture! Communal equipment is the greatest. Sure, someone is going to store your favorite apple peeler out of reach, but you’ll also get to use the super sweet French press that those real-adult types brought with them!

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Financial Burden Sharing: More Housing

This one should be obvious. Living together is cost effective, folks. The only bill that really sky rockets is utility and, hey, divvy that up cuz we want the lights on.

Out of Town Pet & Plant Care

I’ve got a cat (yeah yeah) so I’m a bit biased here. Communal living means being able to ditch out for the weekend and not have a dead pet/plant on your return. Have a vehicle that can’t sit in one spot while you’re away for a few months? Lend it to a housemate and you’ll never worry about parking tickets.


communal living
A crew of workers chilling at Rye House, MN


Get out of your own head! Living in community means there is no way you are 100% stuck in your own worldview. Everyone has different lived experiences. Everyone has different viewpoints—even those who agree. The whole globe is just a little blue dot and, thanks to communal living, you’re way more aware of its magic. Not to mention empathy, understanding, and hella growth.

Anthropology Approves

We’re social creatures. The studies say so. People who need people are the luckiest people. People who don’t need people are totally cool, too. All the same, let’s get real deep here and think about how human life would be if there were no other humans. I’m sure this thought has never occurred to any authors, philosophers, or film producers ever.

Perfecting Purpose

Personally, I just can’t think of a better way to live than in a community of folks drawn together for a shared purpose. We all have a chosen battle in this world. Why not fight together?

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There are as many reasons for communal living as there are people participating in the action. What’s yours?

Block party at Casa Maria Milwaukee CW, oh yes bounce house!