Guest Writers

Guest Writers

Back Again Cait is on the continuous lookout for guest posts from bloggers, activists, volunteers, and peeps living in communal arrangements.

1. Qualifying Article Topics

I’m specifically looking for individuals to discuss ethics, volunteering, work-exchange, communalism, and activism while traveling. Of course, if you’d like to write about off-the-beaten path places, I’m open to your pitch.

2. Guidelines

  • Unique content not published elsewhere
  • Preferable word count around 1000
  • 5 high quality photos (relevant videos accepted, as well). Preferably 800px wide and horizontal
  • SEO optimized – choose a keyword that works with your content, use it a minimum of 5 times and let me know what you’ve chosen. If you’re new to SEO keywords, just ask and I’ll help you out
  • Optional: include a short (2-3 sentece) Bio about you and profile photo for author recognition

3. Benefits

  • do-follow link to either to your blog homepage link or one related post link.
  • Promotion through social media outlets
  • The opportunity to promote causes about which you care and/or are involved
If you have a relevant article concept, shoot me an email at [email protected] and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks so much for your interest in contributing. Looking forward to your ideas!  
Emily Scott - Lessons Learned Working in an Ebola Outbreak
Petra Matos - Sustainable Development in Slovenia
Brian Traut - Volunteering with No More Deaths in the American Southwest