Let’s Talk BLOOD – Honest THINX Sport Review

Let’s Talk BLOOD – Honest THINX Sport Review

Let me tell you way too much information about the period panties in this Thinx review. Gratuitous pictures of me in underwear included. You’re welcome.

Fellow bleeders, I know you love your body. I also know periods can be a serious pain.

Ever travel to a hot, sweaty place wearing pads!?

How about running out of tampons only to find there are none where you’re goin?

How about the insane cost of monthly supplies and the trash produced!?

I believe we’re leaving those days behind! All thanks to innovators producing reusable period products, such as the THINX cheeky undies (specifically, cause that’s what I own).

Thinx hiphuggers

I can’t tell you how much I hate pads. Lumpy diapers for women. Tampons aren’t that much better. Plus, did you know many people think tampons are not ok for girls who haven’t had penetrative sex? Personally, I think this makes life unnecessarily harder for a lot of people, especially those facing financial difficulties.

Both pads and tampons are a financial drain and a massive waste for this planet that desperately needs us to reduce trash.

Previously, I traveled with the DivaCup. Fantastic. The only downsides were (1) It’s a bit messy, which isn’t great if you can’t wash up properly (2) Light flow days it was just kinda…dry. Pop!

THEN, I got the Mirena IUD (doesn’t work for all, works wonders for me). I have had a complicated relationship with my period which the IUD effectively solved. All n all this means I don’t bleed as much as I used to, but occasionally get the surprise uterine reminder.

Tell Us About THINX Cheeky Already!

When I do suddenly start menstruating again, the THINX  cheeky underwear comes in particular good use. I got mine after recommendations from family members who loved theirs. Using their $10-off code,  I scooped me a pair of drawers for medium days.

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Typically I go in for, um, classy granny panties and didn’t trust the cheek cut. The comfort of THINX cheeky underwear won me over fast, though. They are a teeny bit thicker than your average underwear, but not noticeably. No problems wearing under skinny jeans or skirts alike.

They really do work and I haven’t needed a tampon or pad since. Wear ’em to sleep, wear them while working, wear them working out.

Pros conclusion: The THINX period underwear works.

So, Is there a downside to THINX Cheeky Undies?!?

Thinx washing

Washing THINX Underwear

I haven’t figured out how to really wash these bad boys. By hand? Cycle? I’ve done both. One rubbed off some color on the first go and the other makes them kinda crispy.

THINX site answer:
“We recommend that you rinse them by hand first, and then throw them in the cold wash with the rest of your delicates! DON’T use fabric softener as it prevents the antimicrobial and moisture-wicking treatments from working. Finally, hang dry. (Pro-tip: You should treat the rest of your lingerie like this, too!)”

THINX Moisture Retention

These suckers are absorbent! You’ll probably still need tampons for sporadically jumping in to lakes. Plus, I can vouch that getting sweaty isn’t the world’s greatest feeling……still a far sight better than pads.

Building a THINX “Cycle Set”

To really be comfortable, it’s likely you’ll more than one pair than just the THINX cheeky ones. I’d recommend getting 3 to wear, wash, dry, n repeat. That’s a bit pricey but I’m trying to convince myself it’s good investment. Each pair runs between $20-40 before shipping. Ouch. Fortunately, I do have a THINX coupon for you ; )

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Are THINX Worth It?

Ultimately, these are absolutely worth buying. Hopefully, in the future there will be a buy-one-donate-one program. Underwear like this would be extra helpful to women in financial crisis.

“Giving back to people with periods has been at the core of our mission since day 1 — but we know there’s still a lot of work to do (like more education, accessibility, and resources!). That’s why we’ve committed to empowering bleeders everywhere with our first educational program: the Global Girls Club. The best part is we’re doing it with *your* support! A portion of every THINX purchase helps fund our giveback initiatives for Vs near and far. Wanna know more? Email [email protected].”

If you decide to buy a pair, use this referral link, to get $10 off! Any extra coupons after my next 2 pairs I will use to gift THINX far and wide <3

Alternatives to THINX

THINX officially started back in 2014 and have shaped their company style around smashing period taboos. While they have drawn some negative attention for not being as feminist as their ideals, their product is undeniably useful. Still, if you’re looking to explore alternatives to THINX, there’s plenty out there! Take a look at these reusable menstruation products:

Heartfelt Reusable Pads

Essentially pads but made with charcoal bamboo cloth. Not having personally tried them, I can’t report accurately. Look nice if you prefer pads, though!

Menstrual cups

Amazing bits of plastic that pop right up in there and catch your flow. Top-hitters include Diva Cup, Lily Compact, Luna, and Moon Cup. Personally, I have the Diva Cup and loved it while it got me through Southeast Asia toilets! But, sometimes they literally *pop* and other times you don’t have a proper place to wash up (squattie-pottie nightmares!).

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Hesta Organic Underwear

This company also offers pantliners and menstrual pads. Here they break down why they think their product is great.

The future is looking bright. To round off, here’s some more menstruation inspiration and innovation. Happy bleeding!

Thinx hiphuggers Period panties power pose. Time for another adventure….