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Work With Me

Back Again Cait is a quirky blog striving to highlight unique travel adventures and lives outside (or alongside) the mainstream.

This site showcases solo female travels, travel ethics, sustainability initiatives, and travel-related activism.

While Wisconsin, USA is the home town of the curator (that’s me, Caitlin), I’ve traveled extensively throughout the United States, to over 20 countries, and have visited or lived within a variety of intentional communities. Travel, like activism, weaves into my life in a variety of ways.

People who love Back Again Cait include solo women travelers, people looking for honest reviews, realistic budget travelers, eco-friendly practitioners, and those seeking ways to live outside the capitalist system.  This blog hopes to expand on such a knowledge base.

Work with Back Again Cait

Trip Planning for Any Budget:

Reading through countless blogs and travel websites can be exhausting when plotting your next trip–whether it’s for a long weekend or for a gap year. I’m happy to help you prepare by finding adequate accommodation, activities, and transport on a variety of budget levels. Feel free to contact me to discuss further.

Sponsored Posts, Campaigns & Press Collaborations:

If you’re interested in collaborating or want to talk through ideas for a particular campaign, please email [email protected] to discuss & work with me. I’m specifically seeking to promote organizations, products, and accommodation that promote sustainability, gender equality, and maintain an ethical workplace.


Readers trust that when reviews posted to Back Again Cait will be honest. I will write openly about what I love about your product, as well as ways it could be improved. Whether it is a tour, a product (like the wonderful THINX underwear) or an accommodation, I’d be happy to hear more about your potential review.  Let me know if you have a proposal not mentioned by me here.